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OT Miri

Educational platform for Occupational Therapy

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Nude Sushi

E-commerce customization and orders

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Actor's personal website

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About Me

I'm an entrepreneur-turned software engineer with a passion for creating solutions. As a full stack software developer, I have enjoyed using JavaScript, React/Redux, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, WordPress, CSS3 and HTML5 in my projects. Currently, I am teaching myself to be more adept with Angular, TypeScript, D3.js, Express.js and MongoDB.

At UC Berkeley, I studied English and Sociology because I wanted to understand how words and ideas were used to shape perception, reality and human experiences. My goal was to create positive change in the world around me. During this time, my eyes were opened to the power of scalable systems and when I saw that there was a significant need for healthy dining options in Berkeley, I created my first business.

In 2006, I began my career as a founding partner for Nude Sushi, a web platform that I designed and developed to bring customization and online ordering of healthy dining alternatives to Berkeley students, staff and residents. Catapulting from its success, I went on to help create Ourtopia Inc., a travel app and OTMiri.com, an online educational platform for Occupational Therapists.

Additionally, I wanted to deepen my understanding of business development and branding strategies, so I joined an award winning brand development and marketing firm in Los Angeles (Sagon-Phior) and worked with them closely as an account director. During this time, I managed cross-functional teams and helped clients define their brand growth strategies and advance their positioning objectives through copywriting, design and programming.

With over 14 years of experience in operational management and development cycles for dynamic web projects, I seek to engineer market driven solutions at scale by building and improving upon software and feature rich platforms.